do you think that there will be a third season for young justice and that it will include Chalant?

I sure hope so! To be completely honest, I doubt there will be a third season and what more one with chalant hints. The ship isn’t as popular as spitfire or supermartian, so it’s been sitting in the sidelines. Not that I mind that much, gives us room to imagine! Then again, I miss Dick and Zatanna’s interactions!

I absolutely love your blog and made me have so many Artemis feels. I think you're my favorite Young Justice blog ever. :'DD

Thanks so much! I don’t know when this was sent, since I just got back on after years and years of hiding from the Young Justice fandom but I really appreciate it!

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The Middleverse is an in-progress, canon-adhering (though not Legacy) project chronicling the missing bits of Young Justice. You can find out more about the main story, Wally and Artemis’ timeskip adventures, here, but the rest is in the early stages. Stories set in…

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Young Justice Photoshop Meme - seven characters (2/7): Cassie Sandsmark

“Sneak behind enemy lines, recon known boom tube hotspots, and find alien tech matching the bomb. Oh! And don’t get caught or create an international incident, right?”

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young justice meme
↳ ten heroes (1/10)